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    detailed, ethereal
    Expressive …where a workspace becomes
    an attraction
    welcoming, reflective
    character …your private get-away space
    artistic, restrained,
    masterfully Modern …entertain with
    subtle, sophisticated
    BRINGING HERITAGE HOME …perfectly paired
    & placed
    far from ordinary
    wordly …a reflection of adventures
    & experiences

    Circa Genevieve boasts a stunning repertoire of world-class accomplishments from Parisian apartments to luxurious royal palaces. Stateside, projects span from coast-to-coast. We cater to all types of lifestyles!


    Our clients say the nicest things…

    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Genevieve on design projects in my home. From presentation through installation, her interior design skills are impressive. She is extremely organized and efficient and thinks through every detail so that, from the client’s perspective, the design process is seamless and stress-free. Not only does she have an outstanding eye for design and an understanding of just what a space needs, but she accomplishes the task with a deep appreciation and respect for the client’s aesthetic. And the final project is always within the range of the original budget proposal. I couldn’t be happier with the work Genevieve has done. Her professionalism is top-notch and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to achieve a unique, beautifully designed space.

    Hilary Stone, Client in Santa Barbara, CA

    Genevieve is emerging as one of the hottest up and coming design talents on the L.A. scene. Her ability to incorporate traditional and contemporary is seamless, and you can feel the influences of her classical New Orleans upbringing and travels throughout the world in the fine little touches of genius - which is where details live. Her eye cannot be categorized as 'California design’ because it is all encompassing and that is what separates her from her peers. She decorates to the client’s persona and easily adapts to the space, which is rare in today’s world.

    Seth Pariser, Vice President of Christopher Hyland Inc

    What makes Genevieve stand apart is both her design skill and aesthetic. Her ability to really listen and discern the design style that works for you is top notch. Her kind, no nonsense work ethic always delivers a top quality experience. She’s my go-to person for all things interior design. I highly recommend her!

    Medora Heilbron, Client in Brentwood, CA

    Our studio provides beautiful things to some of the best interior designers in the world. Working with Genevieve is a pleasure. Her attention to detail, creative vision, ability to express herself and professionalism make her a standout among the designers with which we work.

    Jeff Newell, Owner of Newell Design Studio

    Genevieve is a burst of love and professionalism rolled into one. She is dependable, detail-oriented and very genuine. She is a connector and a fearless adventurer, with an unprecedented eye for details. I had the pleasure of working alongside Genevieve at one of the top interior design firms in America, and I was always impressed with her determination and will to create a successful project from presentation through installation.

    Elizabeth Rossi, Regional Manager of Jonas Workroom

    It is with great pleasure that I can highly recommend Genevieve Trousdale as an outstanding interior designer. Throughout my career in the design industry, Genevieve stands out as one of the true bright stars with whom I have been lucky enough to work. The list of her many skills is long: Genevieve has great taste, incredible organizational skills, relentless dedication, and the important ability to keep multiple balls in the air, all while keeping a smile on her face. It was a very sad day for me (and our firm) when Genevieve told me that she felt that she needed to move on in order to continue to grow as a design professional. The fact that Genevieve stayed on for many months after telling me of her decision to leave and continued to maintain her thorough commitment to delivering at the highest level of commitment to our clients was, to me, one of the ultimate examples of what a highly principled individual she is. I truly cannot recommend Genevieve highly enough. Any future client or employer would be extremely lucky to have Genevieve Trousdale working on their behalf. I look forward to watch Genevieve as she continues to grow in the field, as she truly is one of the best and brightest; Genevieve is a solid 11 in a range of 1-10!

    Timothy Corrigan, Timothy Corrigan, Inc.