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    About Genevieve

    Steeped in Southern tradition and influenced by sophisticated French style, Genevieve Trousdale’s finely-honed design sense was originally influenced by two generations of discerning familial role models with exquisite, yet comfortable taste. On assignment designing homes and estates throughout Europe, the Middle East and America, Genevieve developed inspired and inventive ideas for each client’s passions and desire for the very best.

    Highly regarded for sophisticated design, meticulous attention to detail, creative sourcing of one-of-a-kind pieces, and the ability to manage thousands of special details at once – Genevieve has earned the respect and admiration of the most thoughtful and discriminating clients, worldwide.

    Ms. Trousdale, a Louisiana-born designer, boasts a stunning repertoire of world-class projects including American ski chalets, a Parisian flat and a luxurious royal palace while working alongside AD 100 icons.

    Genevieve’s experience led her to create a global membership organization, called Circaphiles, for professional designers to make connections, continue their education and strengthen skills.

    Design Perspective

    The Circa Genevieve team has enjoyed designing and managing projects for a wide array of styles and tastes all over the world.

    The firm has conceptualized projects including wildly imaginative interiors, residential minimal masterpieces and estates that seamlessly blend modern with traditional.

    Genevieve incorporates her design philosophy, “Bringing Heritage Home”, into every project, no matter what the style is.  Pieces with sentimental meaning are paramount in our process.  And from the first design concepts, the client’s traditions, lineage and cultural lifestyle are carefully considered and integrated into the schemes.  The result?  A harmonious story in which our client feels comfortable, stimulated and prideful.


    Experience and Collaborations

    Genevieve has had the pleasure of working with some of the industry’s most talented leaders. Esteemed apprenticeships with celebrated grand dame designers Gerrie Bremermann in New Orleans and Suzanne Rheinstein in Los Angeles, influenced Ms. Trousdale to create an impressive, stand-out portfolio.

    Professionally, she’s collaborated with renowned L.A. designer Michael Berman, whom she credits for tailoring her aesthetic and meticulous project management abilities. And, prior to launching CGID, design phenom Timothy Corrigan counted on Genevieve to oversee his most challenging international projects. 

    Meet Genevieve

    We are based in Los Angeles, California, though we travel worldwide for projects.  At your convenience, book a call to chat about your project.

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