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    Interior Design by Genevieve Trousdale

    Designer Friday: An ASPIRE Exclusive Interview with Genevieve Trousdale

    Published on ASPIREMetro.com by Andrew Joseph

    Genevieve Trousdale has brought Southern charm to the West Coast. Her meticulous work ethic and thoughtful approach to her client’s wants and needs have allowed her to design exquisite yet comfortable interiors all over the world. By traveling to different countries, Genevieve sources one of a kind pieces that feature prominently in her projects. Her unique style has led her to work alongside AD 100 icons, design palaces and luxury estates, and create beauty within Parisian flats. On top of all of this, Genevieve has been featured on Architectural Digest PRO for her creating her own platform, Circaphiles, which is set to launch this September. The invitation-only membership site will be a place where professional interior designers and verified design students can find, rate and share brands, artisans and service providers. Introducing this week’s trailblazer Designer Friday, Genevieve Trousdale.

    Andrew Joseph: What’s the weirdest thing a client has ever asked you?
    Genevieve Trousdale: My client in Santa Barbara wanted me to give her antique wooden horse (tabletop) statue a makeover. That included a castration!! I not only stripped the horse of its gender but also its color. I transformed him from a boring dark brown to a lively beige, black and brown gesso mixture & added leather reigns & saddle with a red blanket. I turned to my long time jack of all trades furniture refinisher – he can make chocolate from paper! He made the leather strapping, bucket and even saved the “remains” to give back to the client.

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