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Josh Cooperman Podcast with Genevieve Trousdale “She Brings the South to SoCal”

CXDGenevieve Trousdale is the founder and principle designer at Circa Genevieve, her Los Angeles based design firm. I hadn’t met Genevieve before this chat, but I was aware of her work. Genevieve was born and raised in Louisiana and her southern roots are always present in her work and her philosophy behind the work. 

When I host these conversations, While I do  a lot of research, I don’t come in with a list of questions. I like to go into these conversations with a strong understanding about the work but I also like to focus on the replies to questions and shift the conversations based on that. My conversation with Genevieve took a really interesting turn. Genevieve received mentorship working under two world-class designers, Timothy Corrigan and Michael Berman. I think you will find this part of the interview captivating. She details how this changed the course of her career trajectory. This led to a follow up conversation with both Michael and Timothy. All there will be joining me for a keynote panel at the WestEdge Design Fair in October to talk about this very topic.

This is Circa Genevieve’s, Genevieve Trousdale recorded LIVE in the Living Kitchen Studio A request before we get going. If not already, please subscribe to the show so every episode is sent as soon as they are published. You can find a subscription button everywhere you find your favorite podcasts.

Josh Cooperman | https://www.convobydesign.com/ | 9/24/2019

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